About Us

Alan and Lyndee Daffin are a couple with a mission. We design and make by hand over 80% of our total jewelry inventory, our common goal, YOUR COMPLETE SATISFACTION! Lately this attention to detail has been recognized by many National Organizations. Crown Pearls can claim invitations by The Oscars as well as The Emmy Awards. You will also find our collections in several museums across America.

We hope Crown Pearls can be your bastion of luxury. Purchase a piece of our jewelry, observe the attention to detail, then realize why so many of our customers refer to our mix of quality workmanship with the best in Gemstones, Pearls, and Coral as the “WOW FACTOR!”

Alan is a true “Wild-Eyed Southern Boy.” Raised as a gentleman by his hard working Mother and Father. Alan has a long background in retail, specializing in customer service. Alan is not just a Gemological jewelry maker, he is also a certified Pearl Grader also licensed by The G.I.A. One of Alan’s many quotes:

“As a retailer you can always purchase cheap low-quality items for a low price. However, when you as a retailer deal with us, you are receiving only the highest
quality Gemstones and Pearls handpicked by the owners, and your Necklaces and Earrings are handmade in the U.S.A. and the prices are still fantastic.”

Let Crown Pearls show you the best in Jewelry through quality and customer service. Keep in touch with us via our Contact Us page as we continue to travel the world to bring you THE BEST.